Long Story Short



Long Story Short is a one-stop creative video agency that believes viewers today are looking for short, snappy content and we know exactly how to do just that. Our team have worked on various regional and local TV productions, ranging from short promos to long-form TV programs such as documentaries and reality shows. With that in mind, we’re pretty sure we understand the the entire pipeline of production from start to end.

In short, we know how to engage viewers of different market segments and platforms, to deliver the best content to your target audience.

International Experience 

We've filmed in many countries across Asia, Japan, India, China, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Thailand, and the list goes on. We engage the right local partners to make your story shine.



The Team

The core creative team comprises of two producers who push boundaries with story-telling and are constantly vexing over ways to keep a long story short. But this doesn't mean the duo lack chops for producing long-form factual content. Their credits include directing and producing for I Wouldn't Go in There (NGC), Say Yes to the Dress Asia (TLC Discovery Channel), Asia's Next Top Model S3 (Starworld), China's Extreme Skywalker ( Asia TV Award Winner/AETN) , Wok stars ( Ch 5) and ChannelNews Asia. 

A harmonious and dedicated team, that’s who we are.

But if you wanna know more, well, you can see our faces right below!

Lawrence Ng Executive Director

Managing Director

Lawrence is a veteran tech journalist and TV producer, producing numerous shows back during his days in Channel NewAsia. He is an artist and techie at heart, and his brain is constantly swirling with fresh new ideas.

Eng Eng.jpeg

Creative Director/

Supervising Producer

Eng Eng is a producer/director with a passion for all things factual. She loves binge watching documentaries, and has a secret fascination for "Snowball' from the Secret Life of Pets. 


Starting off with a burning passion for cameras since young, it eventually led Nevin into the world of film making. He loves collecting film cameras, and is often caught talking to them.  


Always interested in video editing, from her beginnings in wedding video to documentaries and short form programs, she's always ready to spice up an edit.